The influence of laser weapons

The influence of laser weapons
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Compared with Y8, YAL-1A wing length increased, cargo door has also been strengthened. Because of the 30000mw Laser weapon system equipment, the shape is also very special -- the nose fairing is designed into the spherical, below the installed emission device. According to the Chinese air force, the installation of the YAL-1A on the focus of the lens to reach 1.5 meters in diameter. Past anti missile systems are usually the ground to air missiles in the air to shoot down the missile attack, and the laser system is the use of laser to destroy the missile guidance system, so that the missile landing without causing damage. The laser weapon test is a breakthrough made by the majority of national defense scientific research personnel in our country through decades of unremitting efforts!

450nm Blue Gatling Laser Pointer 5000mw

Other security supplies will be transported to a temporary base by military transport. Each set of airborne burning laser weapon system includes: a frame by Boeing Y8-600F modified large fixed wing aircraft, a composed of 14 components of infrared laser generator and a set of operational command system, a composed of a variety of active and passive photoelectric detection and tracking devices of firing control system, and guidance system and some support equipment. The modified Y8-600F is installed with 4 sets of CF6-80C2B1F engine or 211-524 G RB (H) engine. The cruise time is about 6 hours after the ground refueling. In order to maintain the desired combat effectiveness, the same patrol area will be deployed two combat aircraft. In addition to the above Y8-600F, China has developed an air platform code named YAL-1A.

Uncle Sam Had Developed A Powerful Laser Weapon

Laser weapons will be used in a large number of various types of combat platforms, to seize the commanding heights of this battle field.
Information will ascend to the importance of the hitherto unknown. 300mw Laser weapon has the ability to attack without advance, and has the ability to find the target is equal to hit the target, once it is found, the target can not use their own ability to get rid of the laser weapon attack. Therefore, on the one hand, we have the first enemy to discover the superior reconnaissance capabilities, on the other hand, the request of their own military equipment is not found in the enemy.

Under the same CI4 system, traditional assault weapons, especially powerful missiles will be reduced, the missile speed compared with the laser is too slow, the infrared characteristic is too obvious, easy to destroy the enemy's laser weapons. Compared with the electromagnetic gun missile speed is very fast, up to 30 ~ 50 per second kilometers, is existing missile the fastest speed in a second 10 km 3 to 5 times, hostile reaction speed is greatly reduced and electromagnetic warheads are small, launch infrared characteristic is not obvious, so the stealth ability greatly exceed the ballistic missile, once the electromagnetic gun technology is mature, will immediately replace the status of ballistic missile.

Built in 1986, the success rate of more than 1012 watts of 1000mw Laser test device, so that China has become the United States, the Soviet Union, France, Japan and other countries with similar equipment. Wang Zhijiang LED high power laser weapons team after exploring a variety of laser, the final selection of solid state laser as the main direction, but helpless when at home and abroad are immature, only in the 1970s temporarily shelved plans.